As a member of the Cabin Crew one must look after airline passengers during a flight, ensuring that they are safe and comfortable. The Cabin Crew looks after airline passengers during flights and are trained to deal with any emergency situations. Primarily, they are responsible for the safety of the passengers. As a Cabin Crew they are supposed to arrive at the airport at least one hour the take-off to be allocated duties by the senior crew member. The crew members are informed about passengers that includes unaccompanied children, who may need special attention. Before passengers board, all the Cabin Crew checks emergency equipment and ensures that the aircraft is clean and tidy. They must then greet passengers on board, direct them to their seats, and help them keep their hand luggage. Before take-off, they need to check that all passengers are wearing seat belts. The Cabin Crew must demonstrate the use of oxygen equipment, explain emergency procedures, and point out emergency exits. During the flight, they must also have to serve hot meals, snacks and drinks and sell duty-free goods such as alcohol, cigarettes and perfume. They are supposed to continuously check that passengers are following in-flight regulations, such as not smoking. Once landed, and after all the passengers have safely left the plane, they must help to tidy the plane and prepare it for the next flight. Finally, write a flight report, recording any unusual circumstances or problems. They must also fill the customs and immigration documents . Some airlines insist that their Cabin crew live within a certain traveling time of the airport to reduce the chance of arriving late. The working hours usually tend to be long and there might be changes at short notice due to unforeseen circumstances, such as poor weather conditions. They will have to wear a uniform and follow strict appearance regulations, such as pinning hair up if it is a certain length. Being able to speak a foreign language can be useful, also the knowledge of first-aid. They must make announcements on behalf of the pilot, and before landing they check that safety belts are fastened. They must be ready to deal with emergencies such as the ill health of passengers. The crew members are trained to apply the safety drills and help passengers vacate the aircraft before leaving themselves during flight emergencies.

Some airlines insist that the candidates must have good eyesight. They should have normal color vision and hearing must allow them to communicate effectively in a noisy environment. They might also have to pass a criminal records check and is termed as Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check. A driving license may be required for people wishing to get into this job. Some employers will expect them to live near the airport. This usually means being within one-hour’s travel. They must have the following skills:

  • An interest in aviation
  • To have excellent people skills. This means to be able to understand people and be friendly and polite to everyone.
  • To be able to keep calm under pressure.
  • Team working skills.
  • The ability to undertake responsibility and act as per the situation.
  • A good level of personal hygiene, as they be working with food and drink.
  • To be physically fit and able to swim.

Cabin Crew usually work shifts, including weekends, on a rotational basis. They are at times required to work on short notice on any day of the year. Some of the airlines have the method of recruiting seasonal staff who may be later appointed on a permanent basis.

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