As a member of the cabin crew, you’ll provide passengers with excellent customer service while ensuring their safety and comfort throughout the journey. Selling presents and duty-free goods, serving snacks, and serving refreshments are all duties of the position. The crew can provide first aid to passengers and is trained to handle emergencies and protection. Additionally, make sure there are enough emergency supplies on board and that all emergency supplies are operational before takeoff. Assist guests with boarding while demonstrating the use of safety gear and procedures. There are many Cabin Crew Management Courses in Kerala that gives you training at an international standard.

What are the Cabin Crew’s Duties?

• While in flight, be aware of your assigned role’s obligations and do your best to fulfill them.

• Assisting passengers and replying to their inquiries will help to ensure their pleasure.

• Check the cabin to make sure it complies with security requirements before takeoff.

• Welcome passengers on board and help them find their seats if necessary.

• Offer food and drinks as well as merchandise.

• Perform the “safety” act in a polished manner.

• Throughout the flight, keep a close eye on the cabin.

• Follow the rules and guidelines that have been approved.

• Remain calm and helpful to other travellers if they need it.

• Pay close attention to any passengers who may have specific requirements (children, disabled, elders etc.)

• Provide accurate reporting on any significant events or difficulties.

Opportunities for Cabin crew in 2022

Private industry

Due to the growing globalisation and open sky rules, which call for increasing liberalisation, there are positions available in private foreign-based airlines. The need for flight attendants is projected to rise with the expansion of airline fleets. Private airlines like IndiGo, Singapore Airlines, Kingfisher, etc., which even operate in other nations, hire a lot of people.

The public sector

Because of their contractual obligations, air hostesses can only work in the skies for 8–10 years in the public sector. Later on, they might be in charge of duties like managing teams or hiring and training new hires. They can further diversify their portfolio due to their considerable knowledge over the years. After working as flight attendants, they can pursue careers in hotel hospitality, media, and travel and tourism.


There will be an opportunity for a chosen few persons to join the cabin crew. One should constantly remain calm under pressure in addition to being pleasant and kind. They must always exhibit exceptional judgement and mental clarity, it should be a requirement. The two qualities that employers look for most are confidence and a positive outlook. Managing various communications is a benefit. One needs to be able to collaborate and perform well in a team due to the demands of the career. One needs to be serious and work hard if they want to succeed.

Cabin crew job openings increase in 2022

Emerging and young Akasa airline ordered 72 Boeing 737 airplanes at the Dubai air show. This is an Indian airline’s first Max purchase. Due to the tremendous demand for 72 aircraft, there will be a noticeable increase in job openings in the aviation sector. The majority of openings will be for cabin crew, out of all the job categories in the aviation sector. The employment market for airline cabin crew is diverse. Both this post and those with public sector airlines like Air India and Pawan Hans are open to them. Most flight attendants, however, opt for private airlines that operate both domestically and internationally.

Private airline employees from Jet Airways, Spice Jet, IndiGo, Jetlite Airlines, etc. are chosen for positions in the cabin. With experience and training, they will be able to choose, direct, and eventually supervise junior cabin crew members. Most airlines support crew members changing their careers if they are qualified for available vacancies. Some airlines commonly allocate administrative work and other ground jobs to senior flight staff members.

How to work as a flight crew in 2022

Some of the most sought-after occupations are consistently offered by the airline industry. You can pursue a variety of occupations in the airline sector with a 10th-grade education. Many fresh and seasoned job seekers submit applications each year for positions in the aviation sector.


Being a member of the cabin crew does not require a degree or postgraduate degree. Instead, most airlines assume that you have a superb secondary education, with some requiring fluency in English and maths.

One of the following degrees, HNDs, or foundation degrees may help show the airline your level of competence in the area:

Languages, travel, and hospitality management

• Controlling recreation and tourism

Speaking multiple languages is quite useful and could set you apart from the competitors.

The majority of airlines offer a list of requirements. who nevertheless satisfies the requirements. This involves all or some of the following:

• Although 21 is the maximum age, the minimum is 18.

• The ability to swim 25 metres unaided and being in good physical and mental health

• Each airline has a different minimum height restriction, and weight is often inversely correlated with height.

• Good hearing and vision, but eyeglasses and contact lenses are OK.

• A valid passport that permits for unrestricted travel anywhere in the world.

• A positive DBS check (Declaration and Barring Service).

• A medical exam, however some airlines may not need this.

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