How Important is The Role Of A Ground Staff in Aviation Sector?

We’ll explore the exciting and dynamic world of ground operations in aviation. From passenger services to cargo handling, ground staff play an essential role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of air travel. Aviation ground handling courses provided by Reliant Institute of Logistics, one of the best aviation institutes in Kochi will provide ample oppurtunities […]

Three Ways to Improve the Traveller Experience

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All sizes of international airports place a high premium on improving the passenger experience. It is becoming more and more crucial to guarantee that travellers may experience a hassle-free, enjoyable journey beginning with their booking and continuing through the airport and flight. In response to increasing demand and high expectations, airports and airlines are developing […]

Aviation Industry’s Top Ten Opportunities

The worst two years in aviation history were caused by the coronavirus epidemic. There are many causes to be upbeat about the future, despite this momentous difficulty. Aviation courses in Kerala will help you to start a career in the industry. We examine the top ten potential for aviation in the post-COVID era in that […]

How Technology is Transforming Aviation Industry

There is a critical lack of qualified workers in the aviation sector. In the upcoming years, there will be a significant need in the sector for new cabin crew members and commercial pilots. This is a problem for a number of reasons, including the fact that jobs in the airline industry require extensive training. For […]

Jobs for Cabin Crew are Growing

As a member of the cabin crew, you’ll provide passengers with excellent customer service while ensuring their safety and comfort throughout the journey. Selling presents and duty-free goods, serving snacks, and serving refreshments are all duties of the position. The crew can provide first aid to passengers and is trained to handle emergencies and protection. […]

Ten Arguments for Pursuing a Career in Hospitality

Because of the industry’s tremendous expansion, professions in hospitality and hotel management are among the most in-demand today. There are a ton of prospects in the travel and tourism sector, regardless of where you live, as it is one of the biggest sectors in the world and international travel is still growing. There are many […]

Enroll in a cargo course to advance your career in the cargo sector

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One of the greatest courses for someone looking to advance their career in the cargo industry is thought to be the air cargo school. Most of them are not aware of the course’s emphasis or potential career prospects. Depending on the firm, the tasks and responsibilities of the cargo course may change. The primary duties […]

New Opportunities in the Hotel Industry

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The hospitality sector includes the hotel, food and beverage, alcoholic beverage, and tourism sectors. It gives you the chance to socialise with new people and spend time in luxury. Typical job descriptions include those of a Hotel Manager, Housekeeping Manager, Restaurant Manager, Sales Representative for products connected to tourism and Brand Ambassadors for the products […]

Establishing a Successful Career in The Aviation Industry

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Why do people select careers in the aviation sector? When we were young, we frequently pondered the mystique of flying high in the sky, and many of us secretly desired that we could fly when we grew older. The basis of professionalism unquestionably starts with a dream and calls for courage, willpower, and the ideal […]

What are the responsibilities of a Cabin crew?


As a member of the Cabin Crew one must look after airline passengers during a flight, ensuring that they are safe and comfortable. The Cabin Crew looks after airline passengers during flights and are trained to deal with any emergency situations. Primarily, they are responsible for the safety of the passengers. As a Cabin Crew […]